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Last Updated 26 February 2018

Artisan Baked Goods

All our baked goods are produced in small batches and not as large production runs.  This results in very unique and artisan style products that you will not find in chain grocery stores or other bakeries.

All our ingredients are certified organic.  We try to purchase our ingredients from local sources when possible.  Our ingredients are certified organic and fair trade.  Please click here to see our current suppliers.

We are pleased to fill special orders and bring them to market for you to pick up.  Please allow three days to assure availability and delivery.  Many of our recipes are family traditions passed down through the generations.

If you have any questions about our baked goods please e-mail or give us a call at 317.733.9311 and we will try to answer your questions.

Tips & Techniques from America’s Test Kitchen

Keeping Bakery Bread Fresh

What's the best way to keep bakery bread fresh?

We asked a local baker for suggestions on storing bakery bread, and he recommended a good old-fashioned bread box. “Lots of people don’t have those anymore,” we protested. “Then place the loaf, cut end down, on the counter,” he offered. “What—no bag? No plastic wrap?” “Nope, just the naked loaf.” Shaking our head in disbelief, we tested his recommendation. Would it keep the crust crisp and the interior soft? We also halved three other loaves, putting one in a paper bag and leaving it on the counter, putting the second in a plastic bag on the counter, and wrapping the third in a plastic bag and sticking it in the refrigerator.

Guess what? The baker was right. The loaf we kept uncovered, cut side down, on the counter had both the crispest crust and the softest interior. The loaf wrapped in paper also kept its crisp crust but was slightly drier. The loaf stored in plastic on the countertop turned squishy, while the refrigerated loaf hardened and dried out. But hey, if your bread starts to stale, don’t fret. Make toast or bread pudding!


For up to 24 hours, unused portions of crusty bread can be stored cut side down on the countertop. Beyond a day, you’re better off storing it in the freezer, wrapped in aluminum foil and sealed in a freezer bag.

Store bread you plan on eating soon cut side down on the counter.


Bakery Goods







Crusty Roll

Bread Flour Crusty Roll 3 oz




English Muffins

Whole  Wheat Muffin Standard 3.5 - inch muffin White Wheat




Cinnamon English Muffin

Whole  Wheat Muffin with cinnamon Standard 3.5 - inch muffin White Wheat




Valentine Hill Farm Muffin

VHF Breakfast/Brunch Muffin Standard 3.5 - inch muffin White Wheat




European Spritz Cookie

6 ounce package




Foccacia Loaf

1 lb Turban Loaf with fresh chemical free vegetables, spices and cheese




French Peasant Baguette

1 lb loaf




French Peasant Club Roll

3 ounce roll




French Peasant Demi-Wheat Loaf

Two 8-ounce loaves




French Peasant Wheat Club Roll

4 ounce roll




Italian Loaf

1 lb loaf




Light Rye Loaf

1 lb 12 ounce loaf




Whole Wheat Pasta

6 oz Spaghetti, Linguini and Fettuccini




Spelt Pasta

6 oz Spaghetti, Linguini and Fettuccini




Semolina Pasta

Durum/Semolina Egg pasta, 6 oz Spaghetti, Linguini and Fettuccini




Salt Rising Loaf

1 lb 12 ounce loaf




Sandwich Rolls

3-inch diameter White roll




Whole White Wheat

1 lb 12 ounce loaf




Whole White Wheat Cracker

5-ounce package




Whole White Wheat Cracker with Flax Seed

5-ounce package




Whole Wheat Waffle Mix

11-ounce package for 12, 8-inch waffles

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